Highest resolution fleece blanket on the market!

What is Pixel Fleece?

Pixel Fleece is a unique Patented blanket that overcomes the obstacles of being able to print clear images on a fleece.
Here at Pixel Fleece we were always bothered by the fact that in a time where everything is digital and high definition, why is it that printed fleece blankets were a blurred mess? The act of taking a wet ink and dropping it onto a fuzzy piece of fleece wasn’t ever going to result in a clean, crisp image. The compromise in the industry to this has been take away from the nap length of the fibers in an effort to get a clearer image. The end result is you have a blanket that is nothing more than a lightweight piece of fabric. Pixel Fleece has overcome this obstacle!
With our in depth manufacturing and engineering backgrounds, we have developed a fleece that can be as thick or heavy as you desire and still have a printable substrate on the front. Our typical blanket weighs in at over 600 gsm, gives you the real comfort of a blanket and images can be clearly displayed showing every detail.
The industry has been battling this obstacle for years, and the best attempt to overcome it was to print a piece of fabric and sew it afterwards to a piece of Sherpa fleece. Problem with this is it created a lot of unnecessary labor in cutting and sewing and the end result was 2 pieces of fabric sewn together not really feeling or looking like a blanket. Pixel Fleece is an all in one entity that requires no cutting or sewing, blankets or “blanks” are imported completely ready for printing. The product is printed on demand (here in the US) by an authorized manufacturer and its finished. It’s not only the finest printed fleece blanket available, its designed in a way that minimizes labor and allows for maximum output.
The backside of a Pixel Fleece blanket is grey with any color option available on custom orders. The standard printed fleece today typically has a white backside, which many customers were turned off by.
Try it out and see for yourself the absolute finest digitally printed blanket available!

Pixel Fleece

Industry Standard

Highest resolution fleece blanket on the market!

  • Flannel Fleece

  • Ultra Soft and plush for the utmost comfort

Flannel Fleece

Ultra Soft and plush for the utmost comfort